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A Daily Devotion for Monday, May 4

Acts 7: 55-60

verses 57-58: Then they cried out with a loud voice, stopped their ears, and ran at him with one accord; and they cast him out of the city and stoned him. And the witnesses laid down their clothes at the feet of a young man named Saul.

When I first get that inkling I am in the wrong, and I know I need to change my course, what is my initial reaction? Do I look around for others who are also in the wrong? Do I look for support and comfort from people who make it easiest and safest for me to continue doing what I am doing? It is hard to stand alone and do the right thing. I want to be that person who stands for doing the right thing, even when it gets lonely or even dangerous.

Father God, give me strength and courage. (Make me bold and stouthearted!) I may feel at times like I am standing alone, but I am always standing with you. Thank-you, Lord. Amen

Becky, transforming

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