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Daily Prayer

July 6, 2021

A daily prayer from the New England Conference

The clergy and laity of the New England Conference are sharing a daily prayer based on the Revised Common Lectionary for the week. You are welcome to use these in worship or in your own devotions.

Today's Prayer

God of steadfast love, You who listen to the cries of those in need, You who know our exact needs even before we bring our petition to you, You who eager to offer your presence to those seek your face. Your love never bound by the written laws or traditions, Your love never discriminates against the unrighteous or uncleaned, Your love always welcomes all to your embrace, Your love wins over viruses, illness, or even death, Your love prevails either in happiness or in sadness, Your love transforms distress and fear into peace and freedom. We praise you for your mercy and compassion, We praise you for your healing touch and redeeming power, Help us to trust that your unfailing love and redeeming power is on the way to attend our needs, In the times of fear, pain, shame, distress, and even at the point of death. Give us courage that we may fall at your feet and cry out to you as Jairus did for his dying daughter, Fill us with your Spirit that we may overcome all our fears and shame, Strengthen our faith so that we may take a risk to reach out to you like woman in the gospels. Through your healing grace and power, We are healed, redeemed, transformed, and called out to witness to the world, Anoint our whole being and faith communites with the power of the Holy Spirit, Call us individually and collectively as a community of faith to pray for those seek healing, deliverance, justice, and peace, to be marked by love for our neighbors through the power of your love, to proclaim your redeeming power that may heal us, our communities, and this land, Healer of all, May we hear that “Your faith has made you and others well.” May we hear that “Go in peace,” as we embark this day with you. Let it be so. Rev. Taesung Kang, Granite District Supertintendent Based on Mark 5:21-43

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