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A Daily Devotion for Thursday, May 18

Psalm 27: 9-10

Do not hide your face from me, do not turn your servant away in anger; you have been my helper. Do not reject me or forsake me, God my Savior. Though my father and mother forsake me, the Lord will receive me.

No matter how alone we feel, we are never quite alone. I am reading a novel written in the mid-1800s. One of the main characters, a young woman, has a huge painful and dangerous secret. It is eating away at her, and she has no one to tell. She is surrounded by "friends" but knows none of them will accept her if she shares her secret. It is a novel, but it illustrates a feeling we have all had to some degree. When we can't be honest and open, we feel separate and lonely. God is there for us, no matter what. No matter who has turned their back on us, we know God will continue to welcome us to Him.

Holy Lord, thank you for always being ready to hear my every concern and confession. You have promised to never turn away, and I am grateful. Amen

Becky, transforming

pic by Kay

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