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Thank You So Much for the Last Three Years.

Monday, June 14, 2021

Dear CUMC Family and Friends,

This is my last letter from me as the pastor of Contoocook United Methodist Church and this Sunday (6/20/2021) will be my last worship with all of you at Contoocook United Methodist Church.

Thank you so much for all of you because all of you were spiritual fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters who encouraged, supported, and prayed for me and my family. I could be who I am, being able to serve your church and continue to serve three other churches in the United Methodist Church. I couldn’t imagine if I could serve American churches in my life. It is a huge honor for me to serve American churches because my whole family and relatives were blessed by the gospel of Jesus Christ shared by American missionaries from my great-grandfather’s family. Thank you for your patience, support, prayer, and love. I could serve you so far and continue to serve three other churches in Maine because of all of you. I was a baby pastor in terms of English ministry but all of your encouragement, support, love, and prayer raised me physically, emotionally, and spiritually to be able to continue my English ministry in the United Methodist Church. Thank you so much for all of you once again. This is how I can express how grateful and thankful I am for all of you in English although I could express much more in Korean. I hope all of you are doing well in this unique season although I can’t see you face to face this coming Sunday. But I hope and pray that I could see you all face to face on this coming last worship with you at Contoocook United Methodist Church on June 20, 2021.

Your Companion in Christ

Pastor Gil Lee

The Farewell Lunch with the Lee Family (6/20/2021)

On June 20 after the worship service please come to the Jane Lewellen Bandstand. Bring your own picnic lunch as an opportunity to say goodbye to Pastor Gil, Hannah, Grace, and Daniel. You may bring something to share.

Daily Meditation - The Last Words of Moses

6/14(Mon) Deuteronomy 31:7-8

6/15(Tue) Deuteronomy 31:19-22

6/16(Wed) Deuteronomy 31:26

6/17(Thu) Deuteronomy 33:1-3

6/18(Fri) Deuteronomy 33:29

The Last Weekly Sharing with Pastor Gil

at 7 pm every Tuesday

Our Joint Virtual Sharing Time at 7 pm every Tuesday with Hillside UMC keeps us growing in Christ by learning from one another. You can miss it anytime. You can join anytime.

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Marilyn Pelletier
Marilyn Pelletier
Jun 14, 2021

Dear Pastor Gil,

You have been an inspiration to me in the short time I have been attending Hillside. Your sermons have left a mark on my heart as to what it means to be a Christian in a world that clamors with so much noise pulling us in directions we do not want to go. I wish you and your family many blessing as you continue your ministry in Maine.

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