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Helping the Homeless

On November 29th, we prepared dinner at the Friendly Kitchen of pork loin, gravy, applesauce, Mac and cheese, with cookies or cupcakes for dessert. Led by organizer/chef Stacey Boeckel, the team included Geoffery Boeckel, Gil and Daniel Lee, Steve and Sandy Fisher. Meals are still take out only so they are outdoors eating in the cold and dark. 58 meals were served. Outreach Committee approved another $100 to add to the collections of warm weather wear donated by church members for the homeless. We delivered 90 body warmers, 40 hand warmers, 32 pairs of winter socks, 14 hats, and 2 base layer sets of long johns. The warmers were already being given out that evening while we served at the Friendly Kitchen. The Winter Overnight Shelter was scheduled to open December 15th but good news is they opened early this year on December 1st. Capacity is cut in half to 20 in order to maintain social distancing. The Resource Center has also reopened after being closed since the start of Covid so on Monday thru Friday mornings, clients can go inside to warm up with hot drinks, use the phone, get mail, take showers, receive advice from the resource support team. Volunteers are still needed for shifts at the Winter Overnight Shelter from now till mid March. The Coalition to End Homelessness in Concord has had ongoing fundraising for Safe Spaces:The Next Step II. Building of the Winter Shelter was part of this project. Recently they have renovated a house on Green St into four one bedroom apartments to provide a home for those coming out of homelessness. Outreach voted to donate $250 in a Challenge Match towards a $1 Million goal.

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