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From Cindi (Daughter of Carol Rich)

Beverly, I sure am happy that I was near my Mom's phone to answer your call earlier this evening. It is my intent to share her contact information with as many individuals I know she would be elated to hear from my phone, a card, or even better visited by. So with that said, feel free to pass along to the Pastor and any member of the congregation the address and phone numbers contained within. Her new home is at the Wellstone House, 125 Langford Road, Raymond, NH 03077. There is a facility phone that would be answered by one of the very pleasant staff members; (603) 895-9303 And there is also a shared cell phone that would be answered by any one of the residents, maybe even Mom; (603) 493-3847 As she just arrived on Thursday, March 11th, the advice is to give Mom time to acclimate before her having a personal cell phone. Settle in, get to know her eleven housemates, create a routine .... without her hand on a cell phone for emotional security at this time. Visitation is either a social distance in an outdoor space, or there is also an opportunity that a screen would separate visitors from residents. Meaning Mom could be inside sitting in front of a sliding door with a screen and you would be on the outside sitting on a chair for a visit. I believe on April 1, there may be a change that all inside visits can be permitted. Best to try and avoid meal times which are 8 am, 12 pm, & 5 pm. Mom has had a whirlwind of unpleasant experiences in just a few weeks time, I hope and pray she feels a huge sigh of relief to just rest her head down at night knowing that tomorrow will be as pleasant as the day before. Thank you for the friendship you have gifted my Mom with, Cindi (603) 361-4700

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