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Daily Prayer

July 16, 2022

A daily prayer from the New England Conference

Members of the New England Conference Extended Cabinet are sharing a daily prayer based on the Revised Common Lectionary for the week.

You are welcome to use these in worship or in your own devotions.

Today's Prayer

Lord, thank you for all the Marthas in life. They organize and prepare and make sure all is ready for our meals, our services, and our ministries. Lord thank you for all the Marys in our midst. They remind us to sit at your feet and soak all that you are into our thirsty souls. Lord, thank you that in life, we need not choose to be either a Martha nor a Mary. We are free to incorporate both of these parts into the whole of who we are. We can all set the table and sit at your feet. We can all get things accomplished and spend time alone with you. Mostly, Lord help us not to worry or become distracted but to always reside with you. Perhaps we might all become Brother Lawrences who found your Presence with him as he washed the dishes in his Carmelite scullery. Let us live all of our moments with reverence ad devotion, Lord. Amen.    By Rev. Dr. Jacquelyn Brannen, Katahdin District Superintendent Luke 10:38-42 

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