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Daily Prayer

Jan. 15, 2022

A daily prayer from the New England Conference

Members of the New England Conference Extended Cabinet are sharing a daily prayer based on the Revised Common Lectionary for the week.

You are welcome to use these in worship or in your own devotions.

Today's Prayer

Scriptural Passage: John 2:1-11

God of miracles and wonders, the wedding wine gave out, so Jesus told the servants, to fill stone jars with water.

They filled them to the brim, took some to the steward who upon tasting, was amazed at what fine wine it was.

The disciples witnessed the miracle of water changed to wine, the first of the signs Jesus’ performed that was to reveal his glory.

Believing, the disciples went with him to Capernaum and to the Temple in Jerusalem where Jesus overturned tables of the money-changers, poured out their coins, and drove them with their cattle out of the Temple.

Like those who believed in Jesus because of his signs, we are easily caught up in the miraculous and miss the real miracle, the revelation of his glory. Fill us like the stone jars vessels for miracles — miracles with power to change weakness into courage, exclusion into wide embrace, inequality into common good, violence into peace, division into unity.

We pray in the name of Jesus the Christ, who lives with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now forever. Amen.

By Bishop Sudarshana Devadhar

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