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Daily Prayer

October 15, 2021

A daily prayer from the New England Conference

The clergy and laity of the New England Conference are sharing a daily prayer based on the Revised Common Lectionary for the week.

You are welcome to use these in worship or in your own devotions.

Today's Prayer

Inspired by Mark: 10:13-15 God of Promise and Spirit of unity, we thank you that your presence of love surrounds us. You created the heaven and earth and we are grateful for this day. We want to worship and to praise your holy name among nations.

As we praise you among nations, we ask for grace and mercy as we celebrate your church and beyond. Forgive us, be with us as we claim your peace and strive to live peacefully with all your children. And let us never forget that you are a God who welcomes all and creates healing and Christian wholeness. In the name of Jesus, the Christ we always pray. Amen.

With love and blessing from Rev. Alecia Reeves-Freeman, Shepherd-Leader, Fisk UMC (Natick, MA), where God is always present, Commonwealth East District

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