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A Giving Opportunity

The Inn at the Parker Station /

Hello CUMC family! First, this is a big huge I MISS YOU to everyone!

Tom and I have been attending the Tuesday meetings with members of both Hillside and CUMC. It has been really wonderful getting to know some of the fine people from Goffstown's Methodist Church. Some of you are probably aware, there is an assisted living facility called The Inn at Parker Station, and a nursing home called Bel-Air Nursing Home, both in Goffstown. We have heard from one of the Hillside members, Ros Spiller, how hard all of the staff at both of these homes have been working to keep their residents safe and healthy. Ros has been a regular visitor and supporter of these facilities since way before COVID. She is collecting snacks for the workers, to cheer them up when they have breaks. She has done this in the past, and it has been very much appreciated. I asked Ros if it would be okay if we joined in with some donations. She is happy to accept!

The snacks and drinks need to be individually packaged, like small chip bags or cracker packs, small bottles or cans of juice, packets of nuts, candy, etc. Since Pastor Gil still drives out to Goffstown each Sunday, he said he could put the treats in his trunk and bring them over to Hillside. Ros can distribute. I will supply a couple of cards to let the workers know we are thinking of them all the way over in Contoocook.

There is no real-time limit, but I was thinking we could start collecting items right away and send them over on the next two or three Sundays. If you are able to donate, that would be awesome, and you can drop off anything at our house, 109 Woodland Drive, or at the church office or the parsonage, or I could come by any evening and pick up a donation. (995-1242)

I know I did not get everyone included in the email- forgive me, and please send this on to anyone who might be interested! Thanks so much...

In Christ's love, Becky

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