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A daily prayer during this COVID-19 crisis for September 7, 2020

Today’s prayer 

 I will give praise to God; in song, and word, and silence.  I will give praise for strength and guidance in these tumultuous times.  I give praise because of all God has done for me and for the world;       For protection from virus and stress,                   And for God’s presence when illness or stress are near,       For joy in beauty, in family, and in friends,       For social connection while physically distant,       For laughter in the midst of sorrow,       For new life in the midst of so much illness and death.  God is my salvation.       God is the one who makes me able to face the day.       God is the one dominant in power and in love.  When the cares of the world seek to overcome,       God’s love and peace provide strength and comfort.  There is none other like God.  God is worthy of highest praise.       I will sing out my praises to God.       I will praise God with my words and my silence.       I will praise God for all God has done for the world and for me.                                                                                                    Amen.

Pastor R Kelly Harvell, pastor Friendship UMC, Round Pond UMC and New Harbor UMC

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