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A daily prayer during this COVID-19 crisis for September 28, 2020

September 28, 2020

A daily prayer during this COVID-19 crisis

During these difficult days, members of the Commonwealth East District of the New England Conference are sharing a daily prayer based on the Revised Common Lectionary for the week. You are welcome to use these in worship or in your own devotions.

Today’s prayer

Philippians 3:4b-14 O Lord,  Thank you for today’s word through apostle Paul.  Oftentimes life gets busy and we forget the upward call you have granted. We do our best to accomplish what needs to be done in our daily life and we become addicted to busyness and accomplishments. Forgive us for trying to become like you as being omnipotent and omnipresent with busyness in order to feel important. Help us remember your grace poured out for us, mere, finite, and imperfect human beings.      We confess that all the human accomplishments and recognition we had counted as loss once like the apostle Paul when participating in the death of Jesus Christ began to replace your righteousness. Forgive us that we sought to establish our own righteousness in one way or another. Give us faith that can declare all the human credentials are worthless in comparison to the priceless value of knowing Jesus Christ our Lord so we may know him, and the power of his resurrection, and the sharing of his sufferings by becoming like him in his death.  May all that we experience whether they are seemingly good or bad bring God glory. Amen.  Prayer by Rev. Sue Yun, St. Stephen's UMC (W. Roxbury, MA)

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