A Daily Devotion for Sunday, September 20

This week we read a passage of scripture each day, and each carried a special message for me, and for each of us. Today Pastor Gil‘s message tied all of those messages together. The process is not new, but for me today was huge.

I came to understand the sacrifice of Christ on the cross in a way I had never understood before. I always had a problem understanding why God felt the need to sacrifice the perfect lamb, when he was at the same time telling us sacrifices were no longer necessary. Why this kind of sacrifice? What did it mean? Pastor Gil pointed out this is how we mend a relationship- WE NEED TO MAKE A SACRIFICE. Not an animal sacrifice, or a money sacrifice or some other material thing. We need to sacrifice something in ourselves- change ourselves. God sacrificed a part of Himself- in order to mend our relationship with Him. He didn’t have to. He wanted to be back in right relationship with us. And he showed us how to mend relationships. I feel blessed to have heard Pastor Gil’s message this morning. I may be old, but I am still transforming. Becky

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