A Daily Devotion for Thursday, Sept. 3

Acts 22

This chapter in the book of Acts reports Paul’s conversion experience. Talk about a transformation! Paul was violently opposed to early Christian beliefs and followers. Jesus found him and spoke to him in a very dramatic way as Paul walked on the road near Damascus. God then used Ananias to clearly inform Paul of his new role. Paul was changed.

I am struck by this one fact: God did not send out flashes of light and speak to each of us out of thin air to convince us we should follow Him. We all decided, based on our own unique experiences, to follow Christ. God must appreciate this- we believe in the unseen reality of Christ. Sometimes we falter and doubt, but we are believers. With God leading us, we can change, and become stronger and more faithful as time goes on. Paul wasn’t the same at the end of his life as he was when first converted. He had to grow and learn in order to be a good teacher.

Lord of all, I am thankful for your calling, for I know you called me to you. I will try my best to keep listening, because you continue to lead me where I am to go. May I never stop growing. Amen

Becky, transforming

pic by Kay

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