A Daily Devotion for Friday, Nov. 13

Mark 4:24-32

In these passages Jesus tells two parables: one of the seed which grows into a stalk of wheat, and the other of a tiny mustard seed which grows into a large garden plant, with branches that are big enough to produce shade. Both of these parables describe something very small growing into something very big. And in both cases man has nothing to do with the actual growth of the plant. Again I am struck with God’s reminder to allow Him to provide the increase. I can’t muscle things into existence, and I can’t produce faith or change in someone else (or even myself) without God’s help. God provides the increase. Always, in all cases.

Father God, help me to remember to plant seeds whenever and wherever I am given the opportunity. I know you provide the increase, in your time. Amen

Becky, transforming

pic by Kay

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