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A Daily Devotion for August 13, Thursday

Acts 2: 44-47

verses 46b-47: They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.

This is such a beautiful, yet simple description of the early church. The people who had come to Christ were happy in their new faith, and happy to be with other believers. Other concerns were not in their way- they were free to give up possessions and live simply with others of like minds. Today our lives are so complicated- there are so many things pressing for our attention. Everyone is expected to take a side- from supporting a presidential candidate to whether to wear a mask to educating our children. I can’t imagine such a simple time as the time of the early church. It is so appealing. The culture we have created makes it difficult for us to fully live out our faith.

What is the answer, Lord? Can I do better and live my life more fully with you and for you? Will you show me the way? I humbly ask this of you, God. Help me. Amen

Becky, transforming

pic by Kay

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Unknown member
Aug 13, 2020

Dear Dave and Barbara,

Thank You So~~ Much for your encouraging, motivating, and lovely letter!!!

Thank you for issuing an excellent certificate that I can bring along to the Lord!! hahaha!

I really appreciate sharing your honest, faithful, and loving life story with me. Hannah and I thought at the same time that we will keep your letter until we meet Jesus in the last day (as a certificate to heaven hahaha). Thank you for your letter(statements) that comforted and healed our difficulties and hardship for the last two years.

May God Bless You and I keep two of you in my prayer.

Your companion in Christ,



Beverly Flynn
Beverly Flynn
Aug 13, 2020

Acts 2:44-47 I don’t believe anyone who is truly a born again christian can convince me that they enjoy their solitude as a Christian more than the fellowship of believers.  I don’t believe God designed it this way. We should not forsake assembling together as the church family because God designed us to assemble, relate, encourage and build up every one in our church family. To neglect Christian fellowship is to give up the encouragement and help of other Christians. We gather together to share our faith and to strengthen one another with the lord. As we grow closer to the time Christ will return, we will face many physicial and spiritual struggles ( like the one we’re struggling with right now…


Aug 13, 2020

Acts 3:44-47

An open letter to Pastor Gil

Today’s reading made me think about how Jesus’ word has affected my life and I realized that a major change occurred at the first service with Pastor Gil in July 2018. I had never been a reader of the bible. My exposure to the word was through scripture reading each Sunday. Gil has consistently preached from and about the bible and has brought an appreciation of the written word to me. Now I read the bible each morning and a chapter before bed each night. I don’t always understand what I’m reading but that will come over time.

An even more wonderful thing has happened in my life. My Catholic wife Barbara…

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