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There are many ways to serve God through our many outreach programs at Contoocook United Methodist Church. Below are descriptions of the major  events, but there are often many more throughout the year. Feel free to speak with a Outreach member to get involved!


Got Lunch and

the Hopkinton Food Pantry

We have been blessed to have been able to support these two programs through our Noisy offerings and direct donations. This congregation provides lunch and breakfast items to the Got Lunch program for a full week during the summer, and we make additional donations during the year to help augment the program.  We provide fresh produce for the Food Pantry for the Thanksgiving season. There have also been direct contributions made to Food Pantry to help fill the needs of members in our community.  The Hopkinton Food Pantry is a recipient of potatoes from the Potato Project. Additionally, through the Service Club, we help make Christmas a bit brighter for children in our community with the gifts purchased for the Holiday Giving Program.  We were able to tithe 10% of our proceeds from the 2017 Creative Angels Bazaar and Cookie Walk to each of these programs – Got Lunch and Hopkinton Food Pantry and in 2018 to Got Lunch.


Every fifth Sunday, we prepare and serve meals at Friendly Kitchen located in Concord. Serving approximately 85, we especially enjoy treating them to BBQ’s and fresh corn on the cob during the summer months. Working along with the youth, Souper Bowl of Caring donations provide funds for the meals as well as gifts of warm clothing for the patrons at Christmas. Twice a year rummage sales sponsored by the Service Club, also provides needed clothing in the spring and fall.


Slusser Center Luncheons:  


The Outreach Committee prepared three meals for the Senior Center in 2018.  The menus included Irish stew, chicken salad croissants, and corn chowder as the main dish for each of those Wednesday meals. There are usually 60 seniors who attend the weekly luncheons. At the last luncheon, Pastor Gil was able to provide some entertainment, playing the piano and singing for the group before they dined.


Wanakee is a traditional Christian summer camp and year-round retreat center, owned and operated by the New England Conference of the United Methodist Church. Waunakee's mission is to:

  • ïLove, accept, challenge and provide opportunities for growth to all God's people within our "Beautiful Spiritual Place in the Hills."

  • ïHelp individuals interact with one another, build relationships and to grow in their Christian faith through experiences within a Christian community.

  • ïSend participants forth into the world to celebrate and share God's love.

The Contoocook United Methodist Church was blessed to have been able to have 6 young people, affiliated with our church, attend the regular camps. Your contributions helped to make this experience possible through several scholarships. 

Other members of the congregation participated in the mission of Wanakee by their presence.  The Martel family led the family camping weekend this year. Sandy and Steve Fisher have spent several hours volunteering their time doing yard work and helping with other repairs needed at the camp.



February 2010 – Five Member team traveled to New Orleans to work on cleanup and rebuilding of neighborhoods destroyed by Katrina through United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR).


Evon's Hope Ministry


This is a public charity founded in part by John and Odette Runezerwa, former members of our congregation who have moved to Texas.  Their first born daughter, Evon, contracted malaria when she was 2 years old and subsequently died.  When John left the Refugee Camp in Burundi, Africa he made a promise to God that he would return one day and help the children there who are hungry and homeless.


The mission of Evon's Hope is to be the hands and feet of Jesus on Earth.  Their team is caring for 222 children in Burundi, Africa. The 2015 Global Hunger Index indicated this is one of the hungriest countries in the world. Most of the children are orphans or have a single parent.

Here at the CUMC, we have members who sponsor a child for a year, members of the congregation “share” the yearly support of another child through monthly donations, and a third child has been sponsored through the Service Club. We have sponsored an African Choir Concert from Overcomer’s Church to help raise funds for a feeding program at the school in Bujumbura where over 2000 children attend in 10 classrooms for grades 1-8.

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