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What is the '40 Days of Walking Together'?

Updated: Sep 28, 2018

40 Days of Walking Together

Walking Together”: A Faith Adventure

We do not what the future holds. None of us know what will happen during our life's journey here on Earth. Does anyone know what will happen during your business trip, family gathering, or vacation? We can try to plan and predict, yet no one knows what will actually happen. Every journey is a unique because we have not yet experienced it. The same can be said about our lives, each day is an adventure because we do not know what will happen.

40 Days of Walking Together”

This period of time, “40 Days of Walking Together” is a journey of faith we will embark on together. We are going to walk together in the Word of God day by day. His Word has always been faithful and true and never failed. That’s why the Bible has continued to be published for several thousands of years.

What will these 40 days look like?

1. We will read the same pages each day.

The whole church will read the book titled “What on earth Am I here for” by Rick Warren. We will read one chapter per day. Please write in your OWN journal every day if you can. I imagine you know how helpful writing your thoughts in a journal can be for your soul. Even though your hand writes the words in your journal, your journal will, in turn, transform your heart, mind, and soul. The most important thing to remember is to focus on your journey only and record those personal thoughts in your journal. Please try to refrain from writing about other things. We hope to be able to delve deeply into the subject matter.

2. We will be having weekly small group meetings.

Reading alone is not enough to provide nutrition and good health for our spirituality. If you eat spiritual food by reading or listening, you must then digest that food with your mouth, actions, attitude, posture, service and more. So it is important to join an organic group for your spiritual health. This is an opportunity to share what you have learned from your reading and reflection. This will be a time when we “pull” out our weaknesses and invite the Holy Spirit into our hearts, minds, and soul. Sharing this with your spiritual companions we bring us all closer together.

3. We will listen to the theme of the week every Sunday.

We will listen to the weekly topic, based on the Word of God, every Sunday. This will provide us with a big picture of the theme of the week. Just as you can’t drive to a new destination without a map or GPS of a map, you will get a look at the bigger picture (the weekly theme) which will provide the structure for your daily reading and reflection.

Together, our church family will celebrate our God, who is still working actively among our lives on Sunday and throughout the week. We will use this time to observe what is happening in our minds, hearts, and souls, personally and how that translates to our church family.

Please prayerfully prepare for this new and exciting journey: “40 Days of Walking Together”

Your companion in Christ, Gil 

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