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Wanakee is a traditional Christian summer camp and year-round retreat center, owned and operated by the New England Conference of the United Methodist Church. Waunakee's mission is to:

  • ïLove, accept, challenge and provide opportunities for growth to all God's people within our "Beautiful Spiritual Place in the Hills."

  • ïHelp individuals interact with one another, build relationships and to grow in their Christian faith through experiences within a Christian community.

  • ïSend participants forth into the world to celebrate and share God's love.

The Contoocook United Methodist Church was blessed to have been able to have 6 young people, affiliated with our church, attend the regular camps. Your contributions helped to make this experience possible through several scholarships.

Other members of the congregation participated in the mission of Wanakee by their presence. The Martel family led the family camping weekend this year. Sandy and Steve Fisher have spent several hours volunteering their time doing yard work and helping with other repairs needed at the camp.

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