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The World Scout Jamboree

Greetings from Summit Bechtel Reserve in Mt. Hope, WV. I am here for the World Scout Jamboree, a gathering of the Worldwide Scouting Movement that occurs every four years. This is the first World Jamboree in the US in decades. We have over 36,000 Scouts and over 10,000 adult Scout leaders from over 150 countries distributed over five Basecamps, each of which has for subcamps. In the next 12 days boys and girls will enjoy the International Village, rock climbing, white water rafting, swimming and all manner of water sports, mountain biking, hiking, and dozens of other activities.

My role is as one of over 30 Chaplains from a wide variety of faith traditions. I serve in subcamp D4 with a Mormon Chaplain. I am assigned to 16 units from the US, Great Britain, Ireland, Finland, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Sweden and Taiwan. The Chaplains offer religious, spiritual and moral support through a ministry of active listening. In addition we offer interfaith and faith specific worship services throughout the week. At all other times we make ourselves helpful by doing what needs to be done.

Please pray that the spirit of peace and unity hover over this event, that the many youth and adult leaders present remain healthy and safe and that all who attend return home with a renewed sense of their duty to God and love of neighbor, with no concern of where their neighbor calls home.


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