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A Letter from Pastor Gil on July 8, 2020

Updated: Jul 13

Dear Friends and Families of CUMC,

For this unfamiliar season of our lives, I have often come to think about ‘The Church’ so often.

  • What is the real church?

  • Who is Christian?

  • How should we understand the church and live as a Christian and as a church in the midst of the world?

So, I planned to share about ‘The Church’ based on the Word of God for the next twelve weeks. This is the series I shared two years ago with you if you can remember. But, I found that this understanding of the church is the foundational basis for Christian life. So I would like to revisit and refresh our foundational understanding of the church and Christian life.

I hope and pray that all of us can have a healthy, sound, and biblical understanding of the church so that all of us can live a faithful and beautiful Christian life as a church in the midst of the world.

Your companion in Christ,

Pastor Gil

Weekly Reading Plan (7/6-7/10)

"The Church is an Organic Community"

  • 7/6, Monday, John 15:1-5

  • 7/7, Tuesday, Ephesians 1:15-23

  • 7/8, Wednesday, John 1:1-14

  • 7/9, Thursday, Matthew 16:13-20

  • 7/10, Friday, Galatians 2:16-21

A Sermon Series from July to September


  • God's Dream for His church

  • The church is an organic community

  • The church is one living body

  • The church is a sacred encountering place


  • The church is a worshipping community

  • The church is a nurturing community

  • The church is a caring community

  • The church is a serving community


  • The church is a transforming community

  • The church is a restoring community

  • The church is a wisdom community

  • The church is witnessing community

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