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Service Club joins in Outreach

Service Club has officially dissolved and their final expenditure of money was used towards caring for the homeless in the Concord area through the Coalition for the Homeless. 5 cases (of 45 bottles each) of water was donated to help provide hydration for these hot and humid summer days. 30 gift certificates for $5 will allow them to enjoy fresh pizza, subs or salad at Constantly Pizza.

Service Club also donated $100 towards the Ruboni Pad Project to purchase underwear for teen girls in Uganda who live in remote villages at the base of the Rwenzori Mountains. For them, owning underwear is a luxury!! Taking advantage of Back to School sales and bonus coupons, 140 pairs of underwear was donated!!

THANK YOU Service Club for your decades of charitable contributions to the community, to church, for college scholarships and to missions abroad.

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