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Let's Talk at 10 am Every Sunday


First of all, we're keeping the name.  And the time.  And the idea came from you!

There will be a new opportunity for adult bible study at 10 AM on Sundays. 

Here's how it will work:  Each Sunday we will hear a sermon.  During the following week at home, we are encouraged to read the lectionary readings that went into the message for that sermon.  We may think about how this message applies to us, and how the lectionary readings speak to us.  On the following Sunday, at 10 AM, those interested will meet for an hour and review what they learned and what it meant to them.  But, don't worry if you weren't here for a particular sermon, or if you didn't read the lectionary readings.  It will be a great opportunity to hear from others.  You can share if you like, or you can listen.  It is a review, and a chance to expand on the lessons we are learning. It will be a very open group.  You may choose to come one week, and not be able to come the next week.  No pressure!  Let's talk, and learn together! 

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