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Friendly Kitchen ministry on March 31, 2020

I asked Sandy to share her service at Friendly Kitchen with Stacey and Jeff Boeckel, Steve Fisher, and Jeff Jones. Please pray for the Friendly Kitchen and the people in needs and give thanks and encouragement for those who served the people in need.

Here is the story about their ministry at Friendly Kitchen.

Pastor Gil


Steve and I (Sandy) are fine. Staying home but do walk the neighborhood for exercise and a chance to see all the neighbors working in their yards or out for a walk.  

Sunday evening, we just returned from cooking dinner at the Friendly Kitchen in Concord. Only served 45 tonight (March 29, 2020) — numbers down BUT it is a drizzly evening. They are no longer allowed into the soup kitchen, they pickup their meal at the door and the majority eat outside ( a few have cars). Some sit on the wet ground, some stand to eat, a few fit under a narrow covered porch and others sit on jersey barriers to enjoy their meal. There was no hand washing station; rest rooms for the homeless are now porta potties. Tonight is the final night the winter sleeping shelter is open— it was extended two weeks ( I believe due to the present health crisis). Hand and body warmers, dry socks were passed out. The Resource Center has been closed due to Covid-19 so as of tomorrow morning there is no daytime or nighttime shelter for them. Donations of hand and body warmers, socks and also the lightweight rain ponchos would be accepted at the Friendly Kitchen. Other great donations are backpacks and sleeping bags. They also need our prayers even more so during the Coronavirus as they lack social distancing, hand washing, etc. Thanks for reading.

Sandy Fisher

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