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Daily Prayer

February 19, 2022

A daily prayer from the New England Conference

The clergy and laity of the New England Conference are sharing a daily prayer based on the Revised Common Lectionary for the week.

You are welcome to use these in worship or in your own devotions.

Today's Prayer

A Two-Way Prayer*, inspired by Luke 6:27 and Psalm 37

“Love your enemies” Luke 6:27

Our question: Grandmother God, O Wisdom of Life, how are we to love our enemies in this deeply divided time? How are we to love our enemies in our world, in our nation, in our communities, in our families, and yes even in the church? There are ever growing divides among us. O God of Justice and Reconciliation, show us not what THEY can do, rather open us to hear from You what we are to do.

God invites us to hear: O My Beloveds, Heart of My Own Heart, I give you messages all the time – just open your eyes, your hearts, your minds, your systems and your patterned ways of thinking, seeing and hearing. I AM the God of Justice and Compassion and of Righteousness and Mercy.

You forget yourselves, Beloveds, who you truly are – Vessels of Divine Love – My Love Living in You! Let go of your attempts at success and embrace that identity. For when you are still, still in My Presence, when you return again and again to me, I offer you a new way of seeing even those you would name as enemies (if only in secret). “They” are also My Beloveds, who have forgotten their identity, just like you.

Commit your way to Me, letting go of your attempts at deciding who is right and who is wrong, who is in and who is out. Embrace My Wisdom and the family of God, the kin-dom of God that welcomes all. Embrace My Courage to learn the ways of justice, make space for marginalized and silenced voices to be heard, to let go of your greed for power and safety. Embrace the humble way of the cross - of Jesus -making relationships, inviting joy and hope even in the face of violence and fear. Be willing to give up your power, your privilege, your attachment to being right in order for the good of the kin-dom, the good of all Creation.

Trust Me. Enjoy Me. Be Still with Me. Commit your way to Me. And I will show you how to love your enemies today.

Love, God.

Rev. Virg Fryer, Bow Mills UMC and Granite District Committee on Ordained Ministry *Two Way Prayer is a unique and inspirational way of prayer practiced in early AA. Journaling an honest question, listening in silence and then writing what is heard in the silence in the voice of God, invites a meditative conversation with God in prayer. The practice is being rediscovered, learn more at:

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