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Daily Prayer

Today's Prayer

Prayer based on Luke 6:27-38 “Lord, we have heard these words over and over, but it doesn’t make them any easier to live up to. When people act like they hate me, when they hurt me with words or hurt me physically, when they take something from me, whether my belongings, my friends or my reputation, it is hard to look on them with kindness. I want to hurt them in the same ways they hurt me – and maybe hurt them a little more! And in this world there is so much aggression. People bully with words as well as fists. They take sides and don’t want to hear anything new. They build walls of self-protection and strike out when they don’t need to defend. And it’s not just others. I recognize the anger in myself as well. I want to defend my belongings and my beliefs. I put more value in them than I put in trusting you. I close myself to those who have hurt me and I fear will hurt me again. And that leads me to close myself to those who are trustworthy as well. But what if they are just as fearful as I am, and they only think I am their enemy instead of their brother or sister. Can I stop the cycle of pain by moving to the side of the angels? Help me to see each person I meet as hurting as much as I am. Help me to respond to those I never meet, but read or hear about, not as the enemy but someone who doesn’t know what it is like to be loved or accepted. Lord, I know that I do not need to accept being abused, but can work to stop it through peaceful means. I do not have to accept falsehoods or theft, but I don’t need to respond in like kind. I like that phrase: “The side of the angels.” Help me to find my way there. Through Christ’s love……… Rev. Dr. Victoria Wood Parrish, retired; Granite District Committee on Ordained Ministry

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