Daily Devotion for Friday, May 8

Acts 7:1-6

Stephen was accused of blasphemy, and was called before the authorities to explain himself and his message. These verses come at the beginning of his testimony. He describes the call of Abraham. I am not exactly sure what the significance of these first few verses is, taken from the whole. But I am struck with Stephen’s steadfast assurance he is recounting Truth. He is not afraid, does not backpedal or try to explain away what he has been doing. He is providing the bedrock. If I don’t hold on to this history, the present makes little sense. Stephen ends up losing his life for recounting the truth. Could I possibly, ever, have this much courage?

Father God, help me to have the courage to stand up for what I know is true, even in the face of ridicule or danger. Help me to learn from the courage of Stephen and so many others. When you are with me, I am safe, and will not lose what you have promised me. Thank you, Lord. Amen

Becky, transforming

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