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CUMC OMG_Online Meditating Group

You Are Invited to Join in a CUMC Online Meditating Group

Did you know CUMC has an online group for the sharing of  individual meditation of the Word of God? We are reading the Bible according to United Methodist Lectionary Reading Plan and sharing our daily meditations online. You can share what you don’t understand about a passage or what you learned from a verse or verses. Real and deep learning takes place when we say or write what we are thinking. It keeps us on that essential head to heart journey of faith. Sharing brings a bonus! We learn from one another’s sharing. It is very important to know there is no right or wrong in our sharing because each one of us all learns something in our own way with our own unique perspective. Also there is no problem at all if you miss a day. The point is in the sharing. I hope we can have more people begin to share so that we can understand God in deeper, wider, and greater ways. You will  come to truly enjoy being a part of this group.

To get started, please contact Pastor Gil at

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