A New Way

Dear Spiritual Companions in Christ,

First of all, thank you for your walking together with the Word of God. Walking with someone is always encouraging and motivating and gives me Holy motivation and accountability to keep myself in Christ.

Sharing is another way of communication and also caring for one another, especially in this time of uncertainty. Having companions that I can share my heart with, regardless if I am happy or sad is always encouraging, comforting, and gives me a sense of security

It’s been nineteen months (574 days) since we started walking together on October 1, 2018. All of you are truly faithful servants of God. I respect your faithfulness to God and His Word as people of God. I do see all of your love for God, His people, and His church.

As I have prayed and thought about our strange circumstances, being unable to worship at our church since March, I have decided to do something different than our past ministry. I believe that we need to prepare something with a long-term perspective.

The first thing I would like to invite you to participate in is to visit our church website once a day and read new posts as you have read our daily devotion email. It would be much better if you can reply to the post with your short prayer, cheers, or “Amen” so that we can build an online fellowship channel for the people who can access the internet. We definitely need to develop another channel for those who don’t access the internet, however. Let’s deal with one group of people first

Again, I would like to invite all of you to visit our church website to leave a word like “okay” or “got it” as a reply to the posts.

We need to walk a new road that we have never walked before in our lives. Your input is always appreciated as we build a different type of online church community. Let’s walk together step by step.

Your companion in Christ,


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