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A daily prayer during this COVID-19 crisis on April 19, 2020

April 19, 2020

A daily prayer during this COVID-19 crisis

During these difficult days, Bishop Sudarshana Devadhar and the members of the Extended Cabinet are sharing a daily prayer based on the Revised Common Lectionary for the week.

You are welcome to use these in worship or in your own devotions.

Today’s prayer

Loving God, On this morning, we are needing you. We will listen. Like the disciples, we are behind closed doors, Click, click, click – all locked up. Doing our civic duty … Not wanting to acquire or spread the virus. We are thankful for our health workers. Some of us are told we are essential, and some of us are told we are non-essential and have the privilege of lock-down. Holy One, The virus does not discriminate among us, But its impact makes visible our sin and the systemic wounds we inflict through mortality across race, age, nationality, economic status and the growing drumbeat of scapegoating. A beat you know intimately. O God, thank you for coming to us through our closed minds and fears. You invite us to touch your scars to discover they are very real. Dare we touch them? Forgive us if we pause… We will try. We hear you say to us, “Peace be with you.”  Peace be with you ... All. O Lord of Love, In this unknown time with our inexperience, When we don’t fully understand the ramifications of our situation, And when our next steps are uncertain, we acknowledge your presence with us. Remind us that our hope is in you and that we are all essential personnel in the building of your kin-dom of justice and love. Today, instill within us the courage To offer our own hearts, minds, hands, feet, and woundedness – In the smallest and greatest of ways, for your peace. Holy One, we thank you for your love that will not let us go and for the peace that you bring. In the name of Jesus, the Risen Christ, we pray. Amen.

By Rev. Ted Crass, President, United Methodist Foundation of New England Scripture: John 20.19-31

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