A Daily Devotion for Weds., December 23

1Chronicles 22:7,11-12,14-16

When reading these passages of David’s words at the end of his life, it was hard for me to see beyond the specifics of what was being said. But as I thought about it, something became clear. David wanted to build a temple for God. This was something he felt in his heart. But God interrupted his plan and told him his son would be the one to build the temple. David heard God and changed his plans. It is hard to change our plans when we have set our minds and hearts on those plans. But God’s will is not always in line with what we want it to be. To serve God and honor Him, I have to be in line with His will. And to know God’s will, I must listen.

Holy Lord, speak to me. I will try to listen and hear your will for me. Open my ears and my heart. Amen

Becky, transforming

pic by Kay

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