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A Daily Devotion for June 22, Monday

Genesis 22: 1-14

This is such a difficult passage for me to read and to integrate as God’s teaching. I know it is an important story about trusting God. But the whole process! The reality of traveling with your child for three days knowing you were taking them to their death at your own hand- that is something I can’t begin to imagine, and frankly, don’t want to try. And what about Isaac, placed on the alter of firewood? How does he tolerate this fear and confusion? Why this test from God? I don’t know. Maybe God gives us this extreme example to let us see how He can be trusted. We can trust God in the biggest, most terrible, most painful , most frightening times of our lives. He has promised us salvation. We will be with Him, all of us, together again in a place with no pain. I can trust Him for that promise. I do trust Him. Amen

Becky, transforming

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