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Outreach Committee Update on April 24, 2020

Good Morning:

I have returned from making the delivery to the Resource Center for the Coalition for the Homeless in Concord. They were very appreciative of all we donated.

I delivered:

 -10 industrial strength tarps in 8X10 foot size in dark green (less conspicuous in the woods)

-12 packages of wet wipe (not antibacterial) that could be used to wash face and body since they do not have the ability to shower for now

-15 personal care kits that Jeff oversaw last summer the collection of items from church members and packing of the kits

-16 packages of travel tissues

-45 rolls of toilet paper

-45 bottles of water

-48 snack bags with 20 ounce Power Ade, peanut butter crackers, string cheese, pretzels

I had already planned to donate the snack bags and Sharon made a generous donation for me to spend between my shopping for the Resource Center and Hopkinton Food Pantry for Park Ave seniors this week so Outreach Committee will only be

required to pay $105.00 to cover the costs of the tarps and the toilet paper out of the donation Marilyn had given.

Thank you for your support!!


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